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Let our West Valley eye doctors & staff help you feel great, look great and be great. Our superior optometrists and office are located in lovely Avondale, AZ.

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Making an appointment is easy as 1, 2, 3! Fill out the forms available online, call to make an appointment, and bring in your current eye wear when you visit!

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The team at Vision Wellness is dedicated to serving your complete eye care needs. Every one of our staff is trained in the latest techniques to serve you. Dr. Lee, and Dr. Wong work with our staff and you to diagnose any issues and prepare preventative eye care programs tailored to your specific needs.

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Questions are expected and we have some wonderful answers for you!

Vision Wellness is a “Practicing Prevention” practice.  Why is this important to me as a patient?

An eye examination is not only about checking for an eye glass or contact lens prescription.  At Vision Wellness we also look for clues about the health of our patients during the eye examination.  We also provide the latest information regarding the preservation of good eye health and how to keep your best vision for the rest of your life.

Why am I asked to bring in my present eyeglasses and contact lens information?

We are here to serve you the best.  The doctors use your prior information to let you know if there have been any changes in your vision and prescription.  In regards to contact lenses, many times newer products are available to get you healthier eyes and better vision.  We save your time and money if we have this information.

Why am I asked to bring in my present non-prescription sunglasses?

Sunglasses provide your eyes and the skin around the eyes from protection from UV light preventing cataracts, growths and skin cancers.  Many over the counter sunglasses are made of inferior quality lenses that cause distortion leading to headaches, eye strain and uncomfortable vision over long periods of time.  We can check the quality for you.  You also may get your eyes dilated so it’s important to have your sunglasses with you as dilation will make you more sensitive to sunlight.

We moved to the valley in ’93 and a colleague at the school district recommended [Vision Wellness]. I have been going to their clinic ever since and would never consider seeing another eye doctor. [They] are incredibly knowledgeable of eye care and discusses all the options available, not just one. Whenever I stop by the office just to buy eye care products, [Dr. Vogl] will come out to say, ‘Hi!’ We no longer have a doctor-patient relationship, but are truly friends. I am proud to recommend Dr.Vogl to all of my family and friends.

Karen Curtis Karen Curtis

Retired Principal, Litchfield School District